Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Many Indians prefer a career in Engineering, Science or Medicine and very few pursue a career in International Relations or in Public Policy. Even the few who pursue a career in International Relations or Public Policy opt for English speaking countries such as the US, UK or Australia. Rarely do Indians decide to study IR or Politics or Public policy in Continental Europe. Most of the policy makers, policy analysts, academics, media commentators and the public at large are not aware of the political developments in Continental Europe and hardly few know how the EU functions. Their perceptions of the ‘West’ are formed looking at the Anglo – Saxon countries. So most often the perspectives of Continental Europe is missing in their analysis. From the EICF point of view, it is seen as important to address this issue and have more Indians exposed to the perspectives of continental Europe.

So an EICF scholarship was conceived to sponsor one Indian student for a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) program in Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, Erfurt, Germany every year.


At the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, young people from all over the world prepare themselves for a career – be it in politics, civil service, consultancies or in international companies. To gain their degree as a Master of Public Policy, they attend seminars on different subjects, which include internships. Every year, approximately 50 graduates take up the two-year English-language postgraduate course. <link>

Eligibility criteria and Application process

Only students who are accepted by the Willy Brandt School will be considered for the EICF scholarship. So you have to apply to the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy as per their requirements. In your online application, in the financial status, please choose the option that you would like to apply for an EICF scholarship.

Criteria for selection

For the EICF, their objective of promoting awareness of the EU in India and India in the EU is of paramount. It is therefore not only the applicants' academic achievement but also their social and political involvement and personal attitudes especially an open mind would play an important part in the selection process.

Scholarship benefits

The entire tuition fees for the two-year MPP program Euros 6000 would be covered by the scholarship, which means the travel and living expenses have to be borne by the individuals themselves. They would be considered to be part of the ‘Friends of EICF’ where they could participate in the events organised by EICF and contribute with their writings. We support networking between our scholarship holders and provide an intranet platform for them.

Expectations from the Scholarship holder

Would expect the scholarship holder to

  • To submit a report at the end of first year and at the end of their program describing their academic performance and his/her social engagement.
  • Work in India after graduation for a minimum period of three years contributing to the evolving international relations paradigm.

Application notification

The successful applicant will be notified by email not later than 15th of July and by post for the classes starting in Autumn that year.